My Dad, Reg, a London black cab driver, who only lost his way in the final months living with dementia. A happy man who deserved a happier end.


David Driscoll




For "Uncle Alan" My Dads best mate for 68 years.


Vicki Maguire




For my dad, the perfect gentleman and for my mum, his best friend.


Dan Cole




For Granny and Grandma whose memories and stories of a world long gone I will do my best to pass on.


Madeleine M.




In memory of the very dapper John Badham


Rose Percy




My Darling Terry, Always my hero and the love of my life . Your strength and sense of fun will stay with us all forever.


Mary Cole




To Lorraine and Tommy and all the memories at Lake Champlain


Alix Toothman




For Bella, who would have been dancing on the tables I'm sure


Alex Clarke-Groom




Aunt Barbara who will reach 100 in early September


Claude Keith




DidiAbuelita Matilde, te quiero mucho xxx


Didi Adorno




In memory of my beautiful mom who taught me the power of positivity.


Elaine Eaves




To Terry Cole, the perfect gentleman; kind, funny, great with stories and one of the few people in my life that I listened to.


Breda Spriggs




Nanny Dot and granny Norma


Zöé Caldwell




To Pat and Pat


Toby Courlander




Remembering everyone with Alzheimer's.


Fabian B




Any and all affected by Alzheimer’s


Sunjeeve Patel




For Malcolm my lovely dad who worked so hard but never got a chance to enjoy his retirement.


Jack McFarlane




For Brian


Gary McNulty, Sarah, Lucas & Jay




Remembering my beloved mother Dorothy Cichos, a gentle loving soul to the very end.


Berni Baer




My beautiful Dad, strong, kind, the most caring, the most gentlemanly, totally protective of his friends and loved ones….my hero.


Billy Cole




Remembering Grandma Dolly Scott whose love and brilliance live on forever.


Courtney Scott




Remembering Dorothy Walsh


Elaine Walsh





In memory of Catherine Greaves, a life unfortunately lost to early onset Alzheimer’s.


Rob Greaves




Dedicated to Betty McCabe. Much loved and always missed.


Lesley McCabe




For April


Matt Gladstone




A loving grandfather who was always bigger than life

Elder Chen


For Meyer Chen




To Editha Hinds - Mum you are the best. You were always there for me


Paul Hinds




Thank you Jurgen Lutz for the most beautiful film interpretations of my choreography. You are amazing.


Elizabeth Ann Ditchburn




For Beulah Hudson


Stuart Cook




In memory of Simon K, granddad, and his bold stories for a bold boy!


Danny Edwards




Remembering Edna, Stafford & Hazel and dedicated to Joyce


Dan Northcote-Smith




My mother, Gwen Bohringer, for all her love and support to all the family.


Cathy Butterworth





To all of those for whom this is a godsend


Sarah Hardy




In honour of Om Lex






For all you did for everyone, Lucy Amelia Kauders


Magnus Kauders




Remembering my Papa and Mama.


Jamie Starbuck




For my Grandma Sweetheart, remembering and loving her always.


Tamara B




For all the beautiful memories with my mum, Vivienne.


Cassandra Yap




Remembering Eddie Berry and George George - two fine gentleman who worked hard and loved their families.


Stephanie Toothman




In memory of Wiktor's Granpa Carl-Erik Norinder.


Wiktor Skoog




To any and all affected by Alzheimer’s


Sunjeeve Patel




Remembering everyone with Alzheimer's.


Fabian B




For Nana


Nick B




In loving memory of Terry Cole, love you Dad


David Cole





Remembering Eleanor Rawlinson, always strong and beautiful


Elisa Chami-Castaldi





In memory of both my grandmothers Else Schnitzler and Rosalinde Strassmann.


Julia Honnacker