The story so far

The WAYBACK is a virtual reality film series designed
for those living with Alzheimer’s and their carers.

It aims to recreate popular, positive moments from our
past - taking viewers back in time and immersing them in the sights and sounds using Virtual Reality.


We hope it helps trigger happy memories and sparks precious

conversations between you and your loved one.


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The WAYBACK / Episode 1:

June 2nd 1953, Coronation Day

For the best experience download The Wayback App.

But you can also watch the film on Youtube in 360 degree video

or push the Goggles symbol to put it into Virtual Reality view.

Coronation Day Conversation Starters


As you watch The Wayback, recall the conversations, music & atmosphere from one
of the thousands of street parties that took place on the the day of the Queen’s Coronation.

As you share the films with your loved one we hope it will spark conversations naturally.
Here are some helpful starters though:

The weather.

Parts of Britain were dry but the royal procession got soaked in London. Your loved one may remember the Queen of Tonga in her open carriage smiling and waving in the rain.


The street parties.

There were thousands, large and small. Your loved one might remember the food (fish paste sarnies, jelly and cakes) or the homemade bunting strung across the street.


The music.

Frankie Laine was number one with I Believe, or your loved one might remember sing-a-longs in the street during the party.

The TV.

Many rented their first telly for the occasion, the first LIVE Coronation – or popped next door into a neighbour’s to watch it on their TV.



The souvenirs.

Many children were given a memento of the day; your loved one might remember getting a silver coronation spoon or mug or a bar of chocolate. Rationing had just finished so chocolates and sweets were still a treat.





Our aim is for THE WAYBACK to become a series of Virtual Reality films from each decade freely available to people and families living and dealing with dementia. A virtual reality memory bank.


We want to grow the platform to feature a film from each decade and create content relevant to people’s lives in different countries. We need supporters, volunteers and backers as we move forward.

About US


We are a group of friends who have watched our own loved ones live with Alzheimer’s & dementia. The Wayback is a tool we simply wished we’d had at the time.


Thanks to our Kickstarter backers and our generous and talented partners, that wish is now a reality.

If you’d like to get involved with The Wayback



THE WAYBACK would not have been possible without the support,

patience and generosity of our inspirational, brilliant partners.



The Wayback was kickstarted with the help, support and generosity of our co-funders who pledged on Kickstarter.

Together we raised £35,000 in 35 days to begin this project.