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The Wayback is a virtual reality
film series designed for those living
with dementia and their carers.

Recreating positive moments from the past, we take viewers back
in time to trigger memories and spark precious conversations.

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The Wayback in action

Memories of 1966 with Sir Geoff Hurst

"The images in this film are just fantastic... it will be a huge help to people reliving the past. People with dementia might not even be able to remember who their loved one is... but when they hear a piece of music or see a certain period of time, it can really jog their memory."

Sir Geoff Hurst

Good for
people with


The Wayback is a new way to trigger intact memories and stimulate conversations about them. It can help improve the connection between people with dementia and their families and carers – which in turn can improve the level of care they receive and quality of life.

A communication

The Wayback offers a new, immersive way to trigger much loved memories from their past; to evoke the happy feelings that go with them, and spark new, precious conversations with loved ones and carers.

Alternative to

Dementia can leave you feeling unsure of every situation you find yourself in. The Wayback offers a non-drug alternative way to relieve stress and challenging feelings caused by dementia.

And good
for their

A communication

The Wayback gives carers a simple way to spark precious conversations that can be so hard to come by. It’s also a great inter-generational tool, bringing the old and young together to learn about the past.

Cost effective

Our goal is to maximise the exposure of The Wayback to people living with dementia and their carers everywhere. The design of our cardboard headset eliminates expensive hardware costs, and we operate affordable subscription models.

Simple to use

Accessibility is key. All that is required to watch The Wayback is a simple VR cardboard headset which we supply, and a smartphone. Whilst The Wayback uses cutting edge technology with 360-degree viewing and sound, access is very low tech and simple.

The Films

The Wayback films are unlike any other kind of virtual reality film.

Each one is the product of countless hours of research and ‘memory sessions’ in care homes. This groundwork ensures that every scene is filled with thousands of details that will trigger different memories and emotions for everyone old enough to have been there. We continually find that it’s the small, generic details that evoke the strongest memories.

For example, in our pilot 1953 film, all of the food and drink on the table in the film came from our memory sessions; happy recollections abounded of fish paste sandwiches, jelly and ice cream, pilchards and Mackesons Stout. Another interviewee even sang us a selection of skipping songs and these too can be seen in the final film.


Covering the whole day of the 1953 Queen’s coronation, focusing on one street’s party celebrations. With scenes set in a typical 1953 living room and kitchen and out onto the street itself for the party games, food and songs. Watch the free preview on the app.


Our 6 chapters cover the days leading up to England’s famous World Cup Victory. With scenes set in a 1966 pub, living room, street, barbers and hair salon.


Coming Soon

A film to help relive the memories of those settling in the UK from the Caribbean in the 1950s. Set in the home of one family and recreating the experiences of those early days, with music, fashion and conversations brought back to life, all designed to spark precious conversations.


Coming Soon

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landings this special three chapter remembers a 1969 living room, child’s bedroom and moments from one of the most watched moments in history.


Coming Soon

Relive the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations, the explosions punk and Virginia Wade winning Wimbledon.

Many more to come

The Wayback will be a memory bank of moments through the decades. Evocatively recreated films detailing shared positive moments from the past.

Big News

Challenge Dementia prize winners

The U.K. Challenge Dementia Prize is an initiative by Essex County Council and partners in association with The Alzheimer’s Society, the U.K.’s largest dementia charity.

The Prize was judged by leading experts in the care industry, together with care workers and those living with the disease. The Prize is helping us develop more films in the series and make The Wayback a sustainable business.

Our thanks to all those who took part in the Challenge and the partners who made it possible: PA Consulting, Healthwatch Essex, University of Essex and Tech UK.

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About Us

The Wayback team is a small group of passionate and dedicated filmmakers, creatives and producers brought together by a shared desire to do something for a disease, which has affected us all in some way.

Kevin Thomas who directed The Wayback ‘Coronation 1953’ is an Emmy award-winning director. Dan Cole and Andy Garnett are highly respected creatives in the advertising industry with numerous accolades to their name. Philippa Thomas and Trent Simpson are Producers who have a wealth of film making experience.

The skills of the above team combine to create the concepts and direct and produce the film to an exceptionally high standard.

Contact Us

If you’d like to get involved with The Wayback, email us at info@thewaybackVR.com or call us on 020 7437 1112

Philippa Thomas

Co Founder /
Managing Director

Trent Simpson

Co Founder /
Head of Production

Kevin Thomas

Co Founder /
Creative Director | Films Director

Dan Cole

Co Founder /
Creative Director

Andy Garnett

Co Founder /
Creative Director

Neil Aitken

General Manager of Operations


The Wayback is dedicated to everybody who knows the tragedy of somebody living with Dementia.

We exist solely to find moments of connection and spark conversations with them. Taking them back to happier times.

Thank you for your continued support.

  • My Dad, Reg, a London black cab driver, who only lost his way in the final months living with dementia. A happy man who deserved a happier end.

    David Driscoll
  • For Don. A gentle man and kind husband to my mum Jean. A man with a passion for people, places and puddings. Rest up 'pops'.

    Andy Garnett
  • This is dedicated to you Janny, with her infectious laugh. The best cook in town.

    Nikki L
  • For "Uncle Alan" My Dads best mate for 68 years.

    Vicki Maguire
  • For Granny and Grandma whose memories and stories of a world long gone I will do my best to pass on.

    Madeleine M
  • For my dad, the perfect gentleman and for my mum, his best friend.

    Dan Cole
  • My Darling Terry, always my hero and the love of my life. Your strength and sense of fun will stay with us all forever.

    Mary Cole
  • To Lorraine and Tommy and all the memories at Lake Champlain.

    Alix Toothman
  • DidiAbuelita Matilde, te quiero mucho xxx

    Didi Adorno
  • For Bella, who would have been dancing on the tables I'm sure.

    Alex Clarke-Groom
  • To Terry Cole, the perfect gentleman; kind, funny, great with stories and one of the few people in my life that I listened to.

    Breda Spriggs
  • For Malcolm my lovely dad who worked so hard but never got a chance to enjoy his retirement.

    Jack McFarlane
  • Aunt Barbara who will reach 100 in early September.

    Claude Keith
  • In memory of the very dapper John Badham

    Rose Percy
  • Nanny Dot and granny Norma

    Zöé Caldwell
  • In memory of my beautiful mom who taught me the power of positivity.

    Elaine Eaves
  • To Pat and Pat

    Toby Courlander
  • Remembering everyone with Alzheimer’s.

    Fabian B
  • Any and all affected by Alzheimer’s

    Sunjeeve Patel
  • For Brian

    Gary McNulty, Sarah, Lucas & Jay
  • Remembering my beloved mother Dorothy Cichos, a gentle loving soul to the very end.

    Berni Baer
  • My beautiful Dad, strong, kind, the most caring, the most gentlemanly, totally protective of his friends and loved ones….my hero.

    Billy Cole
  • Remembering Grandma Dolly Scott whose love and brilliance live on forever.

    Courtney Scott