Using The App

Download the app here

To watch the VR films on your phone:

  • Login details are created when subscribing, or you may get them from your administrator.
  • Connect to wifi. You do not need a SIM card.
  • Enter login details, go to the films, press download,
  • Downloads are roughly 250 MB each.
  • Once the film is downloaded to your phone, you may leave the wifi zone to view the film.
  • Be sure to charge your phone in a wifi zone.


  • For best viewing: go to Settings > Display >
  • Brightness level [set to 100 %)
  • Turn off any automatic brightness features.


  • Turn your sound to full to hear the dialogue and music.
  • Headphones and earbuds will bring stereo sound to the fore, but be sure to turn down the volume when conversations start between the users.

Pausing the film

  • Just touch the screen anywhere, or press the Google Cardboard ‘button’. To restart the film, touch the screen again. To go back to the beginning of the chapter, press the back button (top left).