Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear my glasses? Everyone is different, but generally only short-sighted users with a prescription over 3.00 need to wear their glasses. Users may wish to try it both ways. If you ever start to feel your eyes getting tired or strained it is best to stop what you are doing and take a short break to give your eyes a chance to rest.

How can I download the films? After logging on in a good wifi zone, go to the film menu and select your option – the full film will download before your first viewing. You will only need to download each film once.

Why is the minimum subscription for 3 months? This allows The Wayback to recoup the cost of the headset, and allows for the purchaser to establish the best use for The Wayback with their family member or clients.

Why are institutions charged more than home users? Institutional usage can help several persons at once and will bring commercial benefits.

How many licences does my facility require? You should have enough licences to cover multiple one on one sessions, group sessions, and visitors of residents, especially grandchildren. Subscription numbers can be adjusted quarterly, or upon request.

How big are the films The films are roughly 250 MBs each.

How long does it take to download a film? This depends on you wifi connection. Fast service will download the film in under 1 minute, but it can take 10 minutes of more.

How can I delete the films from my phone? Go to settings to delete all films.