Top 10 Tips

We want The Wayback to be an enjoyed by all. Here are 10 ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for the best experience possible:

  1. Do familiarise yourself with the film first - it will help you prompt conversations later.
  2. Don’t rush. Gently introducing The Wayback at a quieter time and place, will be more beneficial to all.
  3. Do sit with the person as they watch - it’s vital you’re there to let them reminisce.
  4. Don’t be afraid to let conversations wander – every conversation helps the person feel valued and listened to.
  5. Do stay engaged. Your interest will help sustain theirs. Ask them what they see, gently prompting their own memories.
  6. Don’t expect conversations and memories to flow every time. We all have our own times when we’re more engaged and a person living with dementia is no different.
  7. Do make sure you have some time afterwards so the person can share their memories and feel unhurried.
  8. Don’t expect them to recall everything for long afterwards - but do expect the care you’ve shown to stay with them for much longer.
  9. Do invite others to try The Wayback with their partner or relative. Having something to do together can enrich relationships, particularly for teenagers and children.
  10. Don’t forget to have fun.